Talent Buying

B.A.T. Entertainment has over 25 years of experience in the entertainment industry. We bring quality events of all varieties across the midwest area. Our expertise in the entertainment is one of our top strengths. Whether you are a festival, fair, arena, casino or special event, we can find the right act for your event and budget.

Our relationships with agents throughout the industry allow us to bring a variety of artists to your venue.

Let us become part of your team to build successful shows!

Event Management

If there is ever a time where you are not able to fully execute an event, we can provide on-site event management on the day of a show.

We can work the event by running your full back stage needs, or even your front of house needs.


Our company, not only has experience in buying for a music festival, but also in execution of a large festival event.  Festivals have many moving parts and it takes a strong ream to ensure the event is set up for success.

We can also provide full festival consulting, to include, but not limited to the following areas:

  • Security/EMT
  • Ushers/Ticket Takers
  • Sponsors
  • On site management
  • Hospitality


With the relationships we have built over the years, we have worked with a number of production companies. We can provide production needs at all levels.


Our buyers have experience working in the boxing area.  We have built a relationship with a known match-maker to continue to bring some of the top fights to central Minnesota.

We have relationships with ESPN, Top Rank, CBS Sports, UFC and Showbox.

Corporate Events

No event is too small for us.  We can provide full talent procurement, large or small.

We can organize all of the production needs.

We can book entertainment for corporate events and conferences.

Backstage Management

We handle all of your artists needs to prepare you for the day of show, this includes advancing the show and maintaining what is outlined in the contract. Backstage management also includes organizing meet and greets for your event.

“In an industry full of people looking out for themselves, Noah has always been one to look out for the company in which he represents. I believe Noah is someone who can move any company in the right direction.  He definitely knows the business.”

– Jerry Braam, Lakes Consulting

“As a licensed and bonded booking agent of more than 18 years, I could not think of a better person than Noah Klug. Noah has always proven to be nothing short of a total professional. He is trustworthy, precise and always dedicated to the task at hand. Noah’s comprehensive knowledge of this industry is excellent. In an industry as tumultuous as the entertainment business I can honestly say that I rarely encounter a finer person than Noah Klug.”

– Sullivan Bigg, Bigg Time Entertainment